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Where To Go When You Study Abroad

The study abroad experience is one that should certainly not be missed by any college student who is majoring in one of the social sciences or humanities. While anyone can study abroad while in college, students will get the best experience if they are history, art or literature majors as they can study abroad and actually take courses in other countries that will have something to do with what they are majoring in. Unfortunately, this leaves science, math and engineering majors out, as they courses they may take during a study abroad session usually have nothing to do with what they are planning on earning a degree in. Nonetheless, if you have the money and the time, you should certainly take advantage of the study abroad opportunity no matter what your major is in as it will provide you with a lasting experience and memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

So, now that you have decided that you might want to enroll in a study abroad program, where should you go? Most of the popular destinations are in Europe and Asia, so you might want to start there if you are looking to learn more about the world through a study abroad program. Europe is a great place to begin since the people there will be the most likely to communicate with English and they will offer you classes and programs that are perfect for all of the art, literature and history majors who are studying about that part of the world. Furthermore, since you are required to take a few basic language courses for the country you choose to study abroad at, it may be easier for you to learn a European language instead of an Asiatic, Middle Eastern or African language. Also, on the weekends you can simply hop on a train and head from one European country to the next during your study abroad session.

Asia offers many of the same benefits as traveling to Europe except it will most likely be cheaper overall. If you want to study abroad but you have a very tight budget, you will probably want to choose Asia over Europe since everyday items and food are a bit cheaper in places like China and Korea than they are in the United Kingdom and France. For those who are interested in learning about the history and art of Asia, the choice to study abroad in this wondrous continent should be a no brainer, as it will give you everything you could ever imagine.
Study abroad programs are perfect for students from all over the world, as it allows them to experience a different country while on a tight budget. Since the school and your tuition fees cover many of the travel expenses and college courses, you really only have to pay a small amount for the travel to the country where you will study abroad and you will have to spend a bit of cash to pay for your room and board.

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